Filipa Viana, a visual artist based in Porto, created a studio dedicated to ceramic art, focusing on creativity and sharing knowledge through specialized workshops. Growing up in an environment where aesthetics were of significant importance, she developed a deep sensitivity to color and composition.

With a degree in Painting and a Master's degree in Art and Design for Public Space from the University of Fine Arts of Porto, Filipa acquired the technical knowledge and conceptual framework necessary for her artistic activity. This creative journey is further enriched by her commitment to contemporary dance, an integral part of her routine since 2014.

Continuously seeking new avenues for self-expression, she draws inspiration from diverse sources such as impressionism, abstractionism and contemporary dance, exploring artistic narratives through various mediums such as painting, sculpture and illustration.

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In my artistic journey, I embraced projects that constantly challenged me to step out of my comfort zones. I learned to master several techniques that allowed me a pleasant creative freedom. Bringing me enormous personal and professional fulfillment.

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