Disorder Orchestra

Illustration Album Cover
Illustrations for the EP CD cover of Disorder Orchestra band- Disorder Orchestra

About the band
In the footsteps of Pink Floyd, King Crimson, or Miles Davis, Disorder Orchestra offers a performance made of a single song, mixing improvisational rock, psychedelics, experimental, and heavy riffs. The band, based in Geneva (Switzerland), imposes intense, organic, and adaptive music, each time reinvented in the course of an unique act. Formed in 2015, Disorder Orchestra is composed of four musicians, each with a distinct story and horizon, merging their own influences and desires into a sound communion. Carried by the captivating sounds of a moog, a heavy and powerful rhythm session blends into the distorted, melodic, and decadent sounds of an inventive guitar. The whole oscillates between different moods, recalling trip-hop, blues, or the psychedelic wave of the 70s, all combining into an instrumental rock bringing its audience back to the roots of a protest music, critical in essence and in shape.

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