Life Spiral Dance

Tecnic: Acrilic painting on canvas

The painting portrays is a spiral dance of merging figures, resembling a psychedelic trip through a cold and confusing world. Despite the appearance of many bodies, the figures are actually just two, their shapes diluted by the swirling dance. It is difficult to discern where one body begins and the other ends, further enhancing the sense of confusion and disorientation. The brushstrokes convey a sense of continuous movement and energy, as if the figures were caught in a never-ending cycle of the trip. The colors, which are cold and poisonous, further enhance the unsettling feeling of the painting. The dance seems to suggest that life is a journey, but also a trip that takes us through different phases and dimensions of existence. Despite the confusion and disorientation of the trip, there is a sense of unity and connection between the figures, symbolizing the shared experience of life. Overall, the painting encourages us to embrace the uncertainty of life and to find meaning in the twists and turns of the trip.

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